Practitioner Gallery

"I'm so thankful to have received Rota Tarot. Not only are the cards aesthetically pleasing, it is evident they are enriched with your adept wisdom and rich study of traditions. I personally have found the right deck for contemplative meditation.  I love the colors! You are extremely talented and it's bad ass that you dedicated yourself to this fruition. I don't think I'll see an iteration of the Tarot this meaningful anytime soon."

-Carlos Alverez 32°


 "I'm so happy for my purchase. This is in a way a mix between Thoth deck and BOTA deck, which are two decks I use, and the mix between them is awesome, and conducive to learning. The Major Arcana are beautiful, slightly different than BOTA, but the variant symbolism helps one glean more meaning from a card to assist in a reading. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a Tarot deck, especially if they like Rider-Waite, Thoth, or BOTA decks."

-Christopher Oritz