Occult Oracle

The Occult Oracle is a 42-faceted gem comprising the archetypal journey of the Human Being. Having roots in the ancient Kabbalistic 42-Lettered Name of G-D, which is unfolded in the classical Jewish invocation known as the Ana Beko'ach, the Occult Oracle displays a series of archetypes that communicate the sacred song of Creation to the practitioner in visceral, modern imagery. This Deck holds a story of birth, wonder, hardship, transformation, maturation, and enlightenment. The Occult Oracle embodies talismanic protection, potent blessing, and the power to clear obstacles through the enchantment of the hallowed 42-Lettered Name. This visionary deck is designed for manifestation and divination. Each practitioner is encouraged to use this deck while rooted in the intentions of healing and realization, and to intuit their own unique rituals and spreads. For the mysteries of hidden knowledge reside within the practitioner, the true Oracle.

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