Internal Alchemy

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A Qabalistic Pathworking Tarot Deck


Through your own personal study of Qabalistic Tarot, familiarizing yourself with the symbolic associations and their rich meanings, meditating on the Keys, and chanting the invocations, you unveil the Timeless Wisdom that is intrinsic to your consciousness. Doing so will manifest the divine energy imbued in each Tarot Key into your life experience.
Every Tarot Key is a symbol of a perfected facet of your consciousness. The symbol-sets depicted in the Tarot Keys represent pristine states of your innermost being, your True Self. Meditating with the Keys awakens these divine attributes in you, thereby manifesting them in your personality.
Rota Tarot: Internal Alchemy was crafted as a 22 day practical occult working, in which you, the practitioner, will invoke the archetypal energies of the Tarot into your being. The set includes 22 Major Arcana, 22 correspondence cards, and additional qabalistic diagrams. The front face of each correspondence card lists the various attributions as well as an affirmation, and the back face has a qabalistic, alchemical invocation. There is a lot that is veiled in the invocations, including alchemical symbols as well as gematria, so I can’t stress enough the importance of deciphering the puzzle of the poems in your independent studies. Likewise, it will do you well to write notes on each Tarot Key in your journal in your own words. I highly recommend recording any insights that come to you in your meditations, as well as any synchronicities you may experience in your daily life.
This Work is in essence a magickal pathworking with the Qabalistic Tarot, which will help you in your personal path of evolution. If you engage in these exercises as instructed, and diligently study the symbolism, you will stimulate your own union with the Pleromic Luminescence of the One Life Force, thereby unveiling your true self as a channel through which the highest expressions of consciousness can flow. 
It is important for any sincere student of Tarot to understand that these teachings and symbols are alive with the pulsating vitality of Ageless Wisdom. I would recommend reading Paul Foster Case’s Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages in tandem with this practice. The practitioner is encouraged to review the symbolism and correspondences many times so that the energies that comprise Tarot, a sacred map of the universe, become ingrained in your consciousness. For learning the Tarot is a process of remembering that requires repetition. Regular meditation, study, and contemplation with the Keys will activate the potently benevolent energies that rest latently within your being. The sacred mandalas of the Tarot will assist you in swiftly attaining what you want to be and do in this precious lifetime. 

May your inner scribe write these precious teachings on the scroll of your soul, and may you swiftly cultivate the ability to access the light therein for the benefit of all sentient beings throughout time and space. 

Soror Tzadkiel