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A Brief Essay on the Importance of Posture and Poise in Mystery Traditions

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Soror Tzadkiel

Across many different mystery traditions around the globe, significant emphasis is placed upon posture and poise. Be it the Hindu system of the Chakras, the subtle body model of the Tibetan Buddhists, or the subtle energy system of the Qabalists interpreted through the Tree of Life, there is great importance placed upon the proper flow of energy in the physical and subtle human bodies. This flow of energy, or prana, is influenced by certain postures. These bodies encompass multiple dimensions, and are not separate, but intimately and intricately interconnected. If one dimension is out of balance, then all dimensions are out of balance. Thus, if we are hold ourselves in postures transmitted to us through ancient mystery traditions, we influence the flow of energy in every level of our multidimensionality. We can unlock and activate certain chambers of consciousness within ourselves by using our corporeal vehicles as keys through certain postures and poses. The ancient poses emit vibrational frequencies that evince cosmic energies to the consciousness of the aspirant.

Every aspect of manifestation emits a vibration. Every sound uttered from our lips is like a ripple in a pond, effecting all in the body of water. Robert Anton Wilson once said that every oral emission can be a blessing or a curse. The Adepts and Rinpoches, blessed be they, have, ideally, integrated this knowledge fully, and have attained a state of enlightenment that enables them to be aware of this in the continuity of moment. The body, speech, and mind of the enlightened being have been sanctified, so as to eliminate uttering poison through auditory emissions. The ultimate goal is to be able to turn every emanation into a prayer for all beings to harmonize with the cosmic will, and to extinguish any effusion that may cause harm or damage to any being.

The Mystery Traditions have many techniques that fuse posture and sound in meditational practices, which can produce fascinating results in the aspirant. Poses and mantras have been used together for aeons in order to purify, activate, consecrate, and uplift consciousness. The practices act as medicine, preparing the aspirant to properly execute the Great Work.